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One Up Chocolate Bars & One Up Shroom Bar Official Website

The US is going crazy with one-up chocolate bars—a new type of psychedelic chocolate bar. The Super Mario Bros. video games inspired its name.

The finest chocolates are combined with the potent hallucinogenic effects of magic mushrooms to create this 1-up mushroom bar.

When consumed, these 1up mushrooms in the Super Mario games give players more power.

Given that customers have reported feeling happier and more energized after consuming these chocolate bars, it is reasonable to assume that they have a comparable effect in real life.

One-Up Mushroom Flavors

Here at One Up Mushrooms, we don’t only set out to create the perfect mushroom chocolate but also a chocolate flavor for every customer. We were able to create a variety of flavors. These different one-up mushroom chocolate bar flavors include:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Vegan
  • Trefoils
  • Tagalongs

One Up Chocolate Bar

The One Up brand invented the hallucinogenic magic mushroom known as the 1Up mushroom chocolate bar.

Numerous cannabis shops, particularly in the United States, make the claim to offer genuine psychedelic chocolate bars from the official One Up Mushroom website.

One of the newest and most well-liked psychedelic chocolate bars on the market right now is the One Up psychedelic mushroom chocolate bar. Wonder bars, Wonderland bars, and Punch bars are some other well-known brands.