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One Up Multiverse Bars Official Website

One Up is more than simply a brand; it’s an adventure into the world of delicious chocolate creations that will blow your taste senses away. Our wide selection of goods and flavors allows us to provide you with the best mushrom chocolate experience possible.

One up is a big family that also includes the well-known mushroom bars made of Polka Dot Chocolate, which are expertly made to provide the greatest experience.

Without having to put up with the bad texture and flavor of dried mushrooms, these One up chocolate bars provide a tasty and easy way to ingest magic mushrooms.

Every mushroom chocolate bar has precisely measured 3.5 grams of premium organic magic mushrooms that are expertly combined with the best Belgian chocolate to produce a rich and powerful treat.

We provide you with an unmatched chocolate experience with our wide variety of goods and flavors, which include One Up Gummies, One Up Psychedelic Chocolate Bar, One Up Mushroom Bars, and the recently introduced One Up Chocolate Bars Multiverse.